Echinocereus klippilianus

Echinocereus klippilianus


Our goals

Our principal aim is to inform as many cactus amateurs as possible about the practise, the upbuilding and the maintenace of a cactus collection. We try to reach this goal with a color magazine and a bulletin, our library, monthly lectures, trips to special collections and nurseries, which we offer to our members. Furthermore, we organise our annual International Cactus Show, which is open for all cactus lovers, we are present at all kinds of garden events. And finally, there is this website.

Also we want to make the start of a succulent collection as attractively as possible for everyone, not only by giving the information, but also by offering the necessary means: materials, plants, seeds, ...

We try to improve the contacts between the hobbyists themselves, national ans international, and so we hope to spread and to improve the knowledge and the study of succulents.

The more members we have the better we can interchange ideas and experiences or exchange plants and seeds. And, last but not least, our society set before itself the object to protect nature, wherever in the world, and especially the succulents.