Ceropegia hyans

Ceropegia hyans


A bit of history

Januari, 25th in 1983 our society was founded by placing it on the statute-book. Our society is a non-profit organization and was meant to have only five members with Eduard Van Hoofstadt as Secretary and President. It's initial aim was to publish yearly or at least every two or three years a book about the practise, the upbuilding and the maintenace of a cactus collection. To finance the first one it was decided to hold a beautiful event in May 1983.

And then everything went wrong. During the opening drink and on demand of the Mayor of Wijnegem and a lot of friends Eduard accepted to allow more members and to start up a local cactus society. Amazingly about 170 new members were entered during that four days event. And then the society did go on growing and flourishing.

In 1984 we published our first full color two monthly magazine. In 1988 this grew into a colaboration between all Flemish cactus societies with the joint publication of a monthly magazine printed 2000 copies. Sadly this initiative has blown up end 1997 and so our society publishes its own magazine again.

In 2000, our society celebrated a special anniversery, because Eduard, our president, had his succulent collection for 50 years. With 580 members (December 2001) we are the largest society in Belgium.